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mannequin de dos portant le top lana en soie vegan assise sur une énorme pierre sur la plage aux Seychelles


CASS was founded in 2017 by French designer Eléonore Cass, with the desire to create bold and timeless pieces with extremely demanding production standards.

Our philosophy is simple: we do our best every step of the way to respect people, animals and the planet and create clothing with a positive impact.

Although this is not currently the norm, we will lead by example until it becomes so.


Our daily mantra.

étiquettes de fabrication d'une chemise en lotus montrant la composition et le lieu et la personne responsable de sa fabrication


Each piece is carefully crafted by an ultra-skilled seamstress or dressmaker so that it gets all the attention it deserves. Thus, we are able to create garments with exceptional quality and finishes.

It also allows us to trace exactly who made your clothes. This is why each of our pieces bears a label with the name of the person who made it.

This manufacturing process is longer and more expensive than industrial production in assembly line work with unskilled workers, where dozens of people sew a single part of a garment repeatedly. However, this guarantees a garment made with real know-how, which has become rare.

pile de trois pulls en coton bio avec des branches de coton devant posés sur une table


All our materials are of natural origin, recyclable, biodegradable. They are chosen because they are produced without chemicals or with very low doses compared to conventional fabrics.

We use certified organic materials and eco-friendly dyes wherever possible to minimize the amount of pesticides and chemicals in the environment and on the skin.

We strive to use fabrics from renewable natural resources that are fast growing, water and energy efficient.

pochettes en tissus upcyclés cass aux coloris divers


All our packaging is 100% natural, recycled and recyclable. We have created reusable upcycled fabric pouches to wrap our orders, made with pieces of fabric from dormant stocks and scraps.

Our goal is to minimise single-use packaging sent in your package and thrown away after opening.

We do our best to be a zero-waste and plastic-free brand.

quatre tops en maille en coton biologique sur cintre pendu à un porte vêtement de couleur cuivre


Our collections are not subject to the traditional trends, seasons and calendars of the fashion world which pushes to create always more collections and products.

We take all the time necessary to create beautiful high-end pieces and unveil them when they are perfect, in the true spirit of 'slow fashion'. Our style is minimal, sexy, always elegant, feminine and bold.

We prefer to design versatile pieces for minimalist and sustainable wardrobe, which can be mixed and matched with different styles, from the office to the beach, to wear and enjoy your clothes as long as possible.

boîte d'expédition en carton recyclé noir avec le logo CASS noir


Our goal as we grow is to be able to show you in even greater detail every step of how our products are made, from field to shipping.

There is almost no transparency in the fashion industry and it is most often extremely difficult to trace where a fabric comes from or by whom a garment was made. To change the world, we believe companies should be accountable for their behavior and transparent about their actions.

As a citizen, you also have the choice to support good practices each time you decide to buy a product.

mannequin de face portant la chemise cameron en lotus et sa cachant partiellement avec une immense feuille


This start-up is not perfect. It's a beginning. A project that improves day after day, collection after collection. Our goal and duty is to be the most transparent and honest company, doing the best we can with the resources currently available.

As we grow, we really hope to change the way people consume fashion and remind them of the stories behind the products they buy.

We want to make ethical and sustainable fashion the new normal and prove that you can live better with less.




— Vivienne Westwood
mannequin de dos portant la robe reneta en coloris fire sur une balançoire sur la plage aux Seychelles